We all like to know something about the company we keep and this certainly applies when it comes to intimate photography and that is why our bios are here. We understand from experience the importance of being comfortable and that is why we are sensitive to your feelings. Please ask us any questions that you may think of because more than likely we have been asked that question before. The bios below should introduce you to us as real people and not a faceless local business. We aim to please with the quality and service you receive from us and all with the highest level of professionalism .

About Gary

Bios of Gary and Marti


Hi, Gary here…

I’ve never really been one to talk about myself but I realize that we all want to know a little about the people we include in our life whether it be new friends or those that we work with.

I only have one sister so I never was part of a chaotic family dynamic with multiple siblings. Our family get togethers at the holidays were always rather small but always fun and filled with love.

I first discovered my love for the arts in fourth grade when I got my first camera as well as my first bass guitar and piano as birthday and Christmas gifts. Actually I do have a picture of me at age 5 with an acoustic guitar but I confess it was more of a toy than an instrument to create art with.

Ever since high school I have been in rock bands and I still play every week professionally in addition to running our full service photography studio that my devoted and loving wife Marti and I started together in 1990.

I am a sensitive person and I value good business ethics and honesty highly. I always mean what I say and I try to speak the truth in love. I feel honesty and truth is something we all are in search of.

My parents provided a loving and caring home and taught manners which I will forever be grateful for.

Marti and I specialize in boudoir and wedding photography. Lighting and unique set designs are key in creating beautiful portraits that look and feel natural. Talking with our clients and finding out what they like is what we strive for with each new session.

One of my favorite quotes in business is “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”. We invite you to talk more with us to see how we can work your photography ideas into a fun, exciting and safe experience.

About Marti


My name is Marti Davids and I would like to share with you a few things about me so you can get to know the person behind the camera. I am a person who cares greatly for people. I like to help where I can and am not afraid of hard work. I am dedicated, self motivated, organized and loyal. I love to laugh, my husband has kept me laughing for 22 years and we’ve had some side splitting laughter over those years. We had 2 Bichon’s, one of 17 years brought great joy to our lives and to our clients. We now have a 3 year old cutie who keeps us smiling.

An important roll model in my life was a grandmother and her friend. They spent hours in the kitchen baking sweet treats for all us grandkids. This is where I learned my first love, a love for cooking. The love is not so much what I cook but how it looks to the people I am cooking for. Presentation is key when preparing a masterpiece. It is a saying of mine that “I love to cook something that people can enjoy and live to tell about it.”

Decorating is another love. I enjoy faux painting and creating design in a way a room comes together. Remodeling our 50 year old home has been hard work. We purchased a home that was a fixer upper to say the least. We wanted something that we could transform into our studio. As a result of team work between my husband and I, we have an indoor and outdoor photography studio.  Couples and their families comment in how beautiful our home is. We are blessed to share it with you.

Creating has been a big part of my life. Growing up I was around crafts be it sewing, baking or decorating a home. I have a background in fashion merchandising (that’s store displays in case you did not know). I learned alterations in ready to wear garments for women in Chicago . Then there was modeling, learning make-up artistry for photography and finding a love not in front of the camera but behind it.  It never dawned on me until my mid to late 20′s. how all this training brought me to a career in photography. I am honored to be trusted to capture the special moments that tell a story of a time in your life.

I Look forward to talking about your ideas on how we can create beautiful portraits for you.